Thanks so much for stopping by! Please contact us with further questions or inquires. Be sure to check out our FAQ section below to see if that answers your question first. If you can’t find an answer to your question please send us a message! 


How do I apply? / Do you have openings for vendors?

Applications for our events are only open for a limited time. If you are inquiring after the application deadlines we unfortunately have already made our decisions and will not be able to put you in the show.

Applications for our Fall and Holiday shows open July 15th. The deadline for our Fall show is July 25th, and October 5th for our Holiday show. Click here if you are looking for the application.

When is the event?

Upcoming event dates will be posted here under upcoming events. If you do not see any current information it may be that new dates have not yet been selected.

Can you promote my business?

While we would love to promote the heck out of all the small businesses and makers we are not able to do that. We only promote the makers, small businesses, and sponsors affiliated with one of our market events.

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